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My little Bea-story

At the tender age of 13 I was for the first time struck by the feeling of not having a particular home country after my parents moved from Poznań (Poland) to Braunschweig (Germany). I grew up with the idea that ‘if I already have two homes then perhaps I could have even more’…and ‘why limit myself to Braunschweig?’

The dream of breaking out and ‘collecting homes’ I put into practice quite late in my life when studying for my second career – Tourism Management. In my mid-20s I realized I wanted to become international. So I changed my life, left my comfort zone and all those friends behind me who were ready to settle down when I wasn’t.
I accepted the fact that I am different (or ‘crazy’ as they called me). I was hungry for new countries, cultures and languages and I decided ‘it’s now or never’.

Those among you who lead a similar lifestyle know what it means when you start to move around – you become addicted and changing countries becomes a way of living. So it was for me. After some language schools, internships and an Erasmus-experience in France & Spain during my university-time (and a few boyfriends who helped me improve my language skills;)) I ended up living and working in Malta. The two years spent on the island were lovely but I wanted more. I wanted to speed up and to travel excessively so I went back to Germany and took a job with an international Tour Operator. I was based in their HQ in Frankfurt but as Business Development Manager I traveled a lot. For years I led a life between Toronto-New York-Miami-Havana-London-Paris-Zürich-Milano-Warsaw-Madrid etc. – just as the ‘3 Wetter Taft’-lady from the German advert I so admired years back. I loved it!

Then at one point in life I decided that I needed to do something for my soul and go on a Bea_solo_(out_of_work_concept)_trip. So I quit my (still beloved) job and spent some time backpacking in South East Asia. I met amazing people and experienced extraordinary things such as a silent retreat in Koh Samui and a Massage School in Chiang Mai. I stayed a few months in Bali knowing that when I departed the island of gods would stay in my heart and maybe even become part of my life (at least by regular visits).
However my career’s call was louder than my spiritual self (or rather the call of a friend offering me a nice job) and I headed back to Europe. This time London was calling. The new chapter in my life came along with a nice man and at the same time it made me realize that I am not a 9-5 person (anymore? Or probably never had been..). And so I did as I was reading it before in some articles when it’s called ‘I quit my job, traveled the world, came back to reality just to do it all over again’ – I quit my job AGAIN and went back to Bali and other countries.
The next new adventure in my Bea cosmos – a road trip through New Zealand (since the man by my side is Kiwi). Amazing country and a ‘new home’ for my lovely collection!
After a few up and downs in my life this year I am now sitting in my new flat in Valencia where I studied 12 years ago. With this new-old city experience I would like to start this blog…

On to new adventures!

Follow me through the cities and countries, art galleries and vernissages, bodegas and restaurants and let’s discover together cute little locations and quirky places off the mainstream…




  • Hallo Bea!
    Ich hab mich mal auf die Follower-Liste gesetzt, es wurde aber auch langsam Zeit!

    Bisous Monita


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