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Apache Pine – the perfect travel watch! 

Today I would like to tell you about a watch which fell into my hands and which I think is just perfect for travels! Apache Pine watches are made of bamboo and wood and are extremely light! They are hand-crafted, individual and with their nature materials, colors and design they just seem to scream ‘take me traveling’! They make you think of campfires and road-trips. Of woods and lakes. Mountains and rivers.

Everyone of you travelers out there knows how important it is to pack ‘light’. More you travel, more you get experienced in packing effectively. You know what I mean: small containers for cosmetics, light cloths and fabrics, comfortable shoes for every occasion, no hairdryer, practicality before looks, etc… Especially if you are backpacking. And also everyone knows that traveling makes you want more of it. It’s like an addiction. Especially the long-term trips. Once you took some time off from your secure working-and-achieving life and once you leave your comfort zone, the traveling becomes part of your soul and you will never be the one you used to be before hitting the road. Life after a ‚sabbatical’ is just never going to be the same. You kind of want to take a break from your ‘building-a-career-saving-providing-building-a-nest-getting-somewhere-and-gathering-material-things’ mindset and then something strange and magical seems to happen: The ‚break’ becomes a permanent state of mind! A priority changement, a choice, a lifestyle. You know what I mean, right?!

A traveling lifestyle requires a light baggage!

This mindset makes us want to declutter our lives and it makes us want to buy the perfect travel gear set rather than trendy furniture… And yes it also requires the perfect watch!

You know, I have to admit, Steve Jobs would be proud of me as his loyal consumer. I’m an absolute Apple fan. I have it all: The newest iPhone, the little MacBook Air, the iPad and as you can guess: the Apple Watch! I love my devices. The Apple Watch is perfect for the everyday use. Connected to my iPhone it announces me of incoming messages, calls etc. While writing I can basically see what is happening in my life (= on my wrist) without having to stop typing. It’s very convenient. But… Do I really want it when traveling? Do I want to be constantly in touch with everyone at exactly the time that THEY need me? Do I really want to be reminded constantly about different duties, tasks and events waiting for me? Of every upcoming birthday, of my heartbeat, of the calories I burned and… Do I really need to know that it’s time to stand!? I say no. Sometimes we need a break from technology. Especially when walking through a jungle in Chiapas or when contemplating the sunset from a hammock in Koh Phangan.

Besides of the fact that the Apple Watch is quite heavy, and sits tight on your wrist (which makes you sweat when staying in tropical climates), it is also to consider that in certain countries you might want to be modest about your material goods when there are bare-feet children around you begging for money… But the real and biggest disadvantage of this watch is, that it has to be charged constantly! No problem at home as it goes ‘to sleep’ on its dock station, but I don’t want to take neither the dock station nor additional cables and power adapters with me when traveling. So I decided that I need another watch.

I asked myself what attributes should my ‘traveling watch’ have and I came up with this list: 

– super light !
– simple yet nice looking
– with an (conventional) long-lasting battery
– easy to maintain
– nice to look at
– not expensive (in case I lose or damage it)

Just as I visualized my traveling watch, the perfect one found its way to me: The Apache Pine watch! In a simple, brown, nature optic (looks very nice on a tanned skin), made from bamboo and wood, with a nice turquoise finish (my favourite colour).

It is mega comfy to wear and amazingly light! I’m wearing it for about a month now and I’m super happy with the quality and the design! It is actually a men’s watch but it sits perfectly on my tiny woman’s wrist! It’s elegant and minimalistic but whispers promises of adventures at the same time. When I look at it I think of the forests of my home country Poland… It reminds me of the countless amazing places I visited and it lets me imagine those wonderful trips yet to come. I think of wild rivers, turquoise lakes and I can feel the mountain wind in my hair. I can sense the lava from Etna under my feet again (my last visit, just some days ago) and the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand appear before my mind’s eye. I’m looking forward to take my new watch on my next travels and show ‘him’ (his name is Woody) this beautiful world…

Please have a look at the Apache Pine collection. They also have matching bamboo sunglasses, phone cases etc. Very nice.


PS: And those are some of the captured moments my watch makes me think (back) of:

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