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Let’s walk! – Mallorca & Malta in pictures and videos

Yeah, let’s walk! Walking is an amazing way of clearing your head, moving your body, being on fresh air and at the same time to actually see what’s really interesting when visiting new places – the real life on the streets, not just the mainstream sightseeing places!

I always loved walking. That’s the way I discovered all the places on my many travels – business trips and private escapades. Until now they were rather city walks. I walked up and down even the biggest metropoles of this world. No matter if there were 40 degrees celsius outside or rain, I did them all: New York, Singapore, LA, Miami, Bangkok, Toronto, London, Barcelona, Havana, Ho Chi Minh etc.  (at this point a huge expression of gratitude towards my beloved feet for being healthy and talking me to all those amazing corners!).

City Walks or Nature Treks?

What a nice feeling being somewhere far away and just walking… Especially while traveling solo I recommend you to just walk, walk, walk! It is the best way to discover places.! Observing people in their daily routine, chilling in a park, smelling fresh fruit and veggies at a local market, having a snack in a cosy little coffeeshop. Finding some hidden community gardens, little cute art galleries, small craft shops and cool, artistic cafes and bars. Embracing all the sounds and smells of a big, vibrant city commotion. I simply love it!

Now I’m discovering more and more the nature treks. They balance me out and give me a sensation of achievement. Especially when finding myself at yet another crossroad in my life, the almost meditative sensation of placing one step after another helps me to create new goals and objectives, set ideas in place and give priorities to certain aspects of my life.

I already did some short walks in the past. A work-related jungle walk somewhere in Chiapas, a spiritual walk across rise fields in Bali, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand and many small walks while living in Spain, France and Malta (actually even in UK when the weather was nice, escaping the London crowds on weekends).

Day Walks or Long Distance Trails?

However….. All of my walks were day-treks. Now I would like to push myself a bit further and go on a proper multi-day trek. I’m not sure about the Camino de Santiago because it is a bit ‘to commercial’ for my taste and I’m not trying to be as brave as Cheryl Strayed and walk the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m starting small and I found an amazing companion for that: My friend Gilbert is an absolute outdoor freak and a photographer who specializes in Nature Photography. Together we did many day walks around Malta and Mallorca in the last couple of weeks.

Gilbert even did the GR221 in Mallorca – starting with 4 days in December (sleeping in a tent by rain and hail – crazy guy) and finishing now in February with 4 more days (this time staying in Refugios) – he crossed the entire mountains of the island.

If you follow b-kosmo on Facebook you already enjoyed the pictures of my Malta walks. Today I would like to share with you some of my shots from a daily trek around Valldemossa (below in the gallery) and also a video of Gil’s first part of the GR221 (the second part will follow soon), plus some of his Malta trek video’s.

Enjoy and please feel free to throw in your ideas on treks and locations!

Your B.

Watch here some amazing videos:

Mallorca walk:

GR221 (part one)

Malta coastal trails:

Qammieħ ∙ Ta’ Qassisu ∙ Qammieħ

Mġiebaħ ∙ Selmun ∙ Mistra

Mtaħleb ∙ Blata tal-Melħ ∙ Baħrija


Did you enjoy it? Here is more of Gil’s advenures in pictures: Gilbert Vancell Nature Photography


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