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‘Quand je pense à tous les livres qu’il me reste à lire, j’ai la certitude d’être encore heureux’
– “when I think of all the books still left for me to read, I am certain of further happiness.” – Jules Renard

For me it’s ‘when I think of all the places still left for me to visit’….AND…’all the things still left for me to paint’ ! : )

Therefore b-komso & b-kreARTive!

Combining the two big loves of my life: Travel & Art

Although I started my blog with the idea of talking about my travels and places of my séjour, it quickly became more than strictly a Travel Blog. While traveling you don’t only visit a destination but you also get familiar with the local culture. You experience customs and traditions, try local cuisine and taste local wines, spirits etc. You visit local events and you meet people who contribute to THE STORY.

b-kosmo became a storytelling platform where I talk about my own personal experiences and things of interest WHILE globetrotting. In modest hope to be a little inspiration to you guys.

Art, culture, spirituality, food, lifestyle.. I like to call b-kosmo a Travel & Lifestyle Blog. I’m not only proposing you tips about places to visit but I’m also inviting you to get inspired by my crazy but interesting personal life.

b-kreARTive: a picture can tell a whole story without using words

I like to talk…therefore I like to write. However I also love to communicate through photographs and thorough my paintings.

As our travels are very limited in those tough times of Corona I’m dedicating this time to my second second big love – the ART. Using the opportunity to be at the same place for a longer period of time… I’m painting, creating collages and mood boards. I’m drawing, knitting, crafting and doing creative online courses (MoMa for example is offering interesting free art education).

I recently set up a new Instagram account, which I would like to invite you to follow. On b_kreARTive you can primary see my own artworks (which you can also purchase). However you will also get to know other artists too, as I will be introducing my own sources of inspiration. My idea is to grow b_kreARTive into a little artsy corner, where you can learn about cute little art galleries, artsy cafés, craft shops, as well as current art-events and upcoming designers, photographers and musicians…

b-kreARTive: Creativity as self realisation during the Pandemic

I’m observing many of my friends using the Corona situation as time for themselves. Not only for family & friends, but really for THEMSELVES. Investing this time in self-development. People shift into new careers or learn new skills and usually they discover their own creativity.

You know, you don’t necessarily have to write a book to be a writer, same as you don’t have to be Picasso to be a painter. Being a self-made artist, I’m using my talents the best I can. I don’t have a degree from a fancy art school but God gave me the gift and the passion to be able to express myself through the painting and I just enjoy doing it.

I believe everyone has a built-in creativity. We just have to find it and now I think might be a good time to do it. No matter if it’s creating artsy birthday cakes or redecorating your home. Writing a little poem or crafting some simple jewelry. You can even craft your own hipster cherry beer in the garage. That’s also ART ! : )

Try it guys! Dare it! You might be surprised about how awesome you are!!!

Stay tuned!
Wishing you LOVE & PATIENCE
See you on b_kreARTive : )


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