Hello, Welcome to my little Bea cosmos!
My Name is

Bea Kunysz

Marketing-Lady, Traveller, Artist & Lifestyle Blogger


I am German-Polish but ‘at home where my passport is’ – currently in Valencia, Spain. I’m well-travelled in private areas as well as in the tourism industry via my professional background. Aside from being a marketing lady and blogger I also am an artist (painting and photography), a yoga enthusiast, a hobbyist philosopher and a passionate restaurant tester & wine drinker.

My friends and family would add that I’m a chatterbox and I agree; I love to talk so much that I made myself fluent in 5 languages – so that I can talk to as many people as possible.

During my Erasmus year in Spain I had two nicknames. My friends used to call me either ‘Bea internaciónal’ or ‘wariatka’ (‘the crazy one’ in Polish) – apparently my two main characteristics.

So who is Bea? A woman who is passionate about life, culture, language, art, interesting encounters and new places and who hopes to become your guide and inspiration and maybe even your friend?!

Be cosmopolitan with b-kosmo!
(maybe even with a pink Cosmopolitan in your hand as Carrie Bradshaw would recommend)


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