Hello Taiwan

Staying in Hong Kong for ten days I was wondering where I could go for a ‚little excursion’… Hmmm Taiwan is just around the corner! How is Taiwan? Someone recommends it to me… Ok, decided… Just a half-hour flig

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Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong was my layover on the way to New Zealand.
For six days I walked though this vibrant and densely populated Chinese metropole and former British colony and to be honest I have mixed feelings towards this city.


Up in the air

Soon I’m taking off again – this time to Hong Kong (as a longer stop over) and Taiwan (as a little excursion) with the final destination of New Zealand.

Be in LOVE with YOUR LIFE. Every minute of it.

Jack Kerouac
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A little quote for Valentines Day to remind us that we should not only celebrate romantic love but also the universal love towards our family and friends and especially towards OUR SELVES and OUR LIVES.